Chapter Seventeen - Alice is Booming

Chapter Seventeen - Alice is Booming

I owe you a sincere apology, I have neglected my readers over the Summer months.

Partly because I have been in Sydney and the other part because there has been something exciting brewing.

It’s completely unexpected.

On a work front, I’m working on a novel entitled “Desert Girl”, it’s far more raw and honest than “From the Office to the Outback”.

With the blog, I have shared my life, but the book goes into more detail and scratches below some of the experiences I have spoken about in the blog.

It’s been incredibly exciting writing the book, working with my Agent, Mentor and Editor. I’m completely out of my depth, having never written a book before, but it’s both very rewarding and challenging.

I look forward to sharing it with you one day soon.

Cavewoman Diet

There is a Cavewoman staying at Alice Lodge.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner, she eats meat.  

Last night, I saw her cook  sausages and a steak for dinner. This morning for breakfast, she was cooking mince.

As soon as the BBQ goes on and wafts of sizzling meat saturate the air, I know our Cavewoman friend is not far away.  

I wondered past her the other day while she was eating a shank of lamb. I looked at her and smiled. I was met with a greasy acknowledgment.

Alice Lodge is made up of an eclectic group of people. Some stay for just a couple of days, while others, like me, stay for much longer.

I’m in my seventh month at Alice Lodge. Over this period, I have seen people come and go. I have seen friendships form and friendships disappear. 

There are small pockets of people that stick together. Take the boys from out bush. These are a group of young guys that disappear from Alice for 2 weeks at a time, to go and work out bush.

It’s mainly manual labour, building houses, fixing pipes and community maintenance.

Then there are the tour guides and cooks from Intrepid. We are a tight gang, or as I like to call them, they are my “Original Gangsters” (OG’s). We come and go as our roster dictates.

As for the rest of the Alice Lodge, it’s made up of travellers, that stay for a night or two. Sometimes we talk in the kitchen, but other times, I barely make an effort. I don’t see the point.

Overall, it’s a pretty good home. An unlikely one at that.

Alice is booming

I’m sitting in my favourite café, Page 27 and in comes a flock of creatives. I look them up and down and think one thing, Netflix.

I had heard through the media rumour mill that an Australian production team had been commissioned by Netflix to do a series on Pine Gap.

Pine Gap is located just outside of Alice Springs and is a U.S Spy Base. Most people don’t know very much about it.

It’s shrouded in secrecy. If you meet an American at the pub, they are usually from the Base. But if you ask what their profession is, they will respond with saying they are a “Gardener” or “Cleaner”.

I often see their wives and children in cafes. They all look the same. Very prim and proper. I always wonder what it would be liked being married to a spy.

Obviously, I introduced myself to the Creator and Executive Producer of the series. He was very friendly and I kindly reminded him I had emailed him weeks ago, but never heard back.

He was very apologetic, slapped his own hand and gave me his personal email. Thanks to my friend, Chanelle who egged me on and gave me the courage to say hello.

Alice is the kind of place where you meet strangers daily and those encounters evolve into lasting friendships.

There is something about the bush that brings people together. It could be the heat or the isolation, whatever it is, it’s something very special. 

(IMAGE: Pine Gap)

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